Yesterday, Texas Instruments introduced the first smart AC / DC linear regulator. The device delivers 75% more efficiency and twice the power density of other linear regulators, enabling the best balance between high efficiency and ultra-low noise while reducing power supply size.

The TPS7A78 linear regulator features a unique switched-capacitor architecture that eliminates the need for discrete components such as external inductors and transformers, as well as miniature circuit breakers and interrupters. It can be used for tamper-proof design in applications such as electronic metrology in grid infrastructure and building automation.

The TPS7A78 is a non-isolated linear regulator that delivers up to 0.5 W from AC to DC with smaller, fewer components. This intelligent design optimizes regulation through active bridges, switched capacitors and an integrated low dropout regulator (LDO). This design enables higher efficiency and smaller capacitor size than linear regulators in traditional capacitor drop solutions using Zener diodes.

The TPS7A78 is available in a 14-pin, 5 mm x 6.5 mm thin outline package (TSSOP) and is priced at $1.00 (based on 1,000 pcs).

For more detailed information on this product, please refer to the Texas Instruments website: