Recently, there have been rumors that Globalfoundries will sell its Fab 7 plant in Singapore. In this news, Globalfoundries issued a statement yesterday, saying that the news and speculation that Globalfoundries will sell the Singapore Fab 7 plant in the near future is a rumor, and any rumors about the sale of the Fab 7 plant are not true.

In response to the reason for the sale of its Fab 3E plant earlier this year, Globalfoundries explained that the sale of Globalfoundries' Fab 3E plant to VIS is based on the company's strategic transformation, in order to continue to focus on technology investment and provide maximum value to customers. The decision will enable Globalfoundries to streamline its footprint in global manufacturing, focusing the Singapore business on technologies that have significant differentiation, such as RF, embedded storage and advanced analog capabilities.