On March 12th, Teapo Electronic Corporation and Jamicon Corporation, two manufacturers of aluminum electrolytic capacitors under the Yageo Group, announced the suspension of trading. Prior to this, Teapo held more than 40% of Jamicon's shares, and it is speculated that Teapo may acquire all of Jamicon's shares.

On March 14, Yageo stated that Teapo and Jamicon were formally merged. After the merger, the company will no longer be limited to the passive component industry, and will supply key components to the market in the future. At present, Teapo and Jamicon's main products are aluminum electrolytic capacitors. They have large-scale aluminum capacitor products. In addition to strengthening the life and miniaturization of existing products, they are also committed to developing products for the automotive market, such as liquid capacitors and pin-type solid capacitors.

In addition, Yageo also stated that after the merger of Teapo and Jamicon, it may acquire Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd., whose main business is engaged in ceramic circuit boards, high-frequency wireless communication modules, hybrid integrated circuit modules, system integration modules and the construction of the image sensor. In addition to the automotive market, it also covers the field of communications. Based on the current situation, it is expected that the merger will be Yageo's strategic layout in the automotive and communications fields.