ST1PS01 step-down converters from STMicroelectronics are designed with small size and low quiescent current to maintain high efficiency at all current values of the load. The device is housed in a 1.11mm x 1.41mm 400μm pitch flip-chip package, saving power and space for point-of-load power and asset trackers, wearables, smart sensors, smart meters and other IoT devices.

The device uses synchronous rectification technology with an efficiency of 92% at 400mA full load and 95% at an output current of only 1mA. The power-saving design feature reduces quiescent current to less than 500nA and includes a low-power reference circuit. The pulse frequency counter controls the converter current at light loads and two high speed comparators help minimize output ripple.

ST1PS01 integrates feedback loop compensation, soft-start circuit and power switch. It only needs several small-sized passive components to complete the whole circuit, thus saving board space for the device. The new regulator has a total of eight products, each with four output voltage settings to choose from, and the user can select a regulated output from 3.3V to 0.625V.

The ST1PS01 regulator is now in volume production. For purchase of this product, please contact ST's distributors.