Lattice Semiconductor announced that Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (MIFS) has become its 2018 supplier of the year.

Each year, Lattice awards the name to one of the suppliers to recognize the supplier's outstanding performance in multiple service areas, including operational excellence, commitment to quality and reliability, and competitive value for Lattice's business.

“MIFS is a high-quality foundry service and an important supplier of IP solutions for the industry's smallest, low-power FPGAs for the communications, computing, industrial and automotive markets, manufacturing our high-volume devices in Fujitsu's fab equipment to ensure our customers get reliable Lattice FPGA supplies,” said Glenn O’Rourke, Corporate Vice President, Global Operations at Lattice Semiconductor.

Keizaburo Yoshie, senior vice president of technology and business development at MIFS, said: "The long-term partnership between Lattice and MIFS demonstrates the capabilities and design excellence of our employees, and our collective commitment to manufacturing the highest quality materials to create the best products in the FPGA market. ”