Recently, Cirrus Logic introduced the 11V boosted Class D audio amplifier with signal processor (DSP), the CS35L41, which complements Cirrus Logic's SoundClearR playback software to improve audio quality and increase the speaker's loudness, and protect speakers with both hardware and software technology

The CS35L41's advanced battery management system and predictive algorithm program adapts to changing audio, speaker and battery conditions to ensure audio performance while minimizing power consumption and battery current. The new smart power amplifier also features the most advanced technology in this class of amplifiers, the 55nm process technology, which allows the device to use a WLCSP package that occupies only 5.64mm2 of PCB space. This is very important for OEMs who are looking for a dual-speaker design and as many new features as possible.

The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 boosted amplifier offers three major requirements for mobile applications: enhanced audio sound, efficient low-cost management and space-saving packaging. By using features such as advanced battery management and predictive algorithms, Cirrus Logic Smart Audio Amplifiers reduce noise and power consumption in speaker mode for extended battery life.

“More and more consumers are using smartphones as the primary device for watching videos, playing games and listening to music,” said Carl Alberty, vice president of marketing at Cirrus Logic. “The quality of the phone with the CS35L41 is outstanding. Consumers don’t need portable speakers, they can enjoy the perfect sound quality anytime, anywhere with their mobile phones."

The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 Smart Boosted Audio Amplifier is currently in mass production. For more information on this product, please refer to the official Cirrus Logic website: