According to the supply chain, the recent decline in memory chip prices is larger than expected. DRAM prices fell for the first time in two consecutive months at a double-digit percentage. The price of NAND flash memory also showed the biggest drop since 2014.

Semiconductor market research firm DRAMeXchange said on February 27 that DRAM prices fell 14.5% in February from the previous month, plus a 17.24% decline in January, the price of DRAM has fallen by 31.7% since the beginning of the year.

In addition, NAND prices have also fallen sharply. In February of this year, the price of NAND fell 6.64% from last month to $4.22 per device (128Gb MLC NAND Flash). This is the biggest decline in five years since the 11.14% decline in February 2014.

Memory chip prices have fallen for two consecutive months, partly because customers have delayed buying time and they believe that memory prices will continue to fall in the first half of this year. Industry experts said that especially the trade war between China and the United States has caused demand from China to shrink. China is the largest consumer of memory chips.