Wingtech's acquisition of Nexperia has now entered a substantive phase, and the parties involved in the acquisition have reached an agreement on the acquisition plan. At the same time, China's leading company Gree Electric Appliances Inc. invested 3 billion yuan to participate in the acquisition, become a shareholder of Wingtech.

Recently, Nexperia CEO Frans Scheper, Chief Operating Officer Achim Kempe, Marketing Marketing Deputy General Manager Gerton Jansen, Greater China Deputy General Manager Paul Zhang and other company executives met Wingtech and exchanged views with Wingtech Chairman Zhang Xuezheng. During the exchange meeting, the two sides held in-depth discussions on how to coordinate development in the future, and communicated with the new shareholder Gree to reach a lot of consensus.

After Wingtech completes the acquisition of Nexperia, Gree will become a significant shareholder and investor of Wingtech. In the future, Gree and Wingtech will play their respective core advantages and carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of communication terminals, Internet of Things, and intelligent hardware.