In September last year, industry insiders pointed out that Globalfoundries, the world's third largest wafer foundry, may be acquired. Recently, the market has once again sent a similar message, the news pointed out that Globalfoundries has been facing the possibility of being sold after layoffs last year.

Globalfoundries is currently the third largest wafer foundry in the world with a global market share of 8.4%. Last year, Globalfoundries layoffs 5% to optimize the structure of the entire company, while independent of the ASIC department to reduce expenses. On January 31 this year, the company sold its 200mm wafer fab in Singapore to VIS.

Insiders pointed out that these measures are to make Globalfoundries easier to sell.

According to industry insiders, potential buyers include Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and UMC. If Samsung buys Globalfoundries, Samsung Electronics' global market share will increase to 23%.