According to media reports, Samsung Electro-Mechanics' investment in Tianjin, China will continue to increase this year. It is accelerating the construction of new global projects such as automotive MLCC plants and power battery production lines, and its investment in advanced high-end manufacturing has reached US$2.4 billion.

It is understood that Tianjin Samsung Electro-Mechanics' various operating indicators increased significantly last year, and is accelerating the construction of the new MLCC plant, even during the Chinese New Year at the beginning of this month. The project is expected to be trial-produced early next year, mainly producing MLCC for automobiles, covering an area of 200,000 square meters, which will become one of Samsung's largest MLCC production bases overseas.

Samsung China executives said that increasing investment in Tianjin is an important part of Samsung's industrial strategy adjustment and product transformation and upgrading in China.