STMicroelectronics announced a partnership with Hyundai Autron to establish a joint development laboratory in Seoul, South Korea. Autron is a car chip and electronic control system parts company owned by Hyundai Motor. The joint development lab (ASDL) provides a research and development platform for engineers from both companies to collaborate on the development of pioneering solutions for environmentally friendly vehicles with a focus on powertrain controllers.

Demand for automotive semiconductors is expected to continue to grow as demand for safer, greener and more connected vehicles continues to increase. Driven by the electrification and commercialization of electric-assisted driving functions, with the long-term development of autonomous driving, the number of semiconductors used in a single vehicle is expected to increase significantly.

ASDL strengthens the competitive advantage of ST and Hyundai Autron, builds a foundation of more than five years of collaboration, and strengthens and accelerates the development of next-generation products for automotive customers to meet challenging quality and performance requirements.

“The joint development lab with Hyundai Autron builds on the success of our original automotive electronic control system and drives our vision for a smart future, and we are excited to continue working with Hyundai Autotron to take advantage of ST Extensive expertise in semiconductor technology and automotive applications to achieve its goals,” said Jerome Roux, executive vice president of sales and marketing for ST's Asia Pacific.