According to industry sources, Intel is investing billions of dollars in Oregon to build its next-generation computing chips. The source revealed that Intel is expected to begin construction by the end of June this year, which will be the third and largest part of the Hillsboro research plant D1X project.

Intel announced its capacity expansion plan last month to expand supply and meet future demand, including the Oregon plant in the United States and two plants in Ireland and Israel. It is reported that Intel is committed to promoting the capacity expansion plan, but to a certain extent depends on the global semiconductor market prospects.

D1X has become Intel's leading research base and the place where the company develops every generation of chip technology. According to insiders in the relevant construction industry, Intel has publicly discussed its D1X program, which is expected to last for at least 18 months, followed by a period of installation equipment for several months. Intel manufacturing business unit also said it was notified to prepare for a major project in Oregon this year.