Silicon Labs recently announced a partnership with Tuya, the world's leading provider of AIOT (AI + IoT) platforms. The new AIOT platform based on Silicon Labs technology will help developers and OEMs reduce the cost and complexity of designing Internet of Things (IoT) products and greatly accelerate time-to-market.

With 15 years of mesh networking experience and more than 150 million deployment nodes, Silicon Labs is a leading provider of Zigbee technology. The Tuya Smart solution will use Silicon Labs' Wireless Gecko platform, including SoC, Zigbee and Bluetooth software, as well as development tools to enable intelligent multi-protocol products that easily connect to multi-node mesh networks deployed in smart homes. Tuya Smart provides low-cost, low-power, reliable wireless connectivity for smart devices distributed across the home, creating a seamless, user-friendly smart home experience.

“Tuya is a dynamic, fast-growing IoT innovator who shares their vision of changing the industry and changing lives through the AI+IoT platform and smart products deployed globally,” said Silicon Labs CEO Tyson Tuttle. “We commend Tuya for being the first to provide turnkey, production-ready smart solutions to meet the real needs of global IoT manufacturers, supply chains, e-commerce channels and retailers. Silicon Labs is pleased to play a role in their products.”