Recently, NXP announced a strategic partnership with Kalray, a pioneer in the new intelligent system processor. The collaboration aims to improve the safety of autonomous driving cars.

The new platform of collaboration combines NXP's functional security portfolio with Kalray's massively parallel processor array processor. The new platform is important because it meets the performance, safety and near-term commercial needs of Level 2 and Level 3 autonomous driving cars, and targets the future in Level 4 and Level 5. The collaboration is also aimed at eliminating the security flaws of today's self-developed test products.

"The autonomous driving ecosystem faces technical challenges and concerns related to the safety of autonomous vehicles," NXP said. “Recent studies have shown that while consumers are enthusiastic about the future of autonomous driving, many people still have great reservations about the safety of autonomous driving cars. Accidents involving prototypes and experimental vehicles exacerbate this perception. To overcome these technological and consumer confidence gaps, the automation ecosystem requires a secure automotive system that enables the vehicle's central processing unit to protect the driver through sophisticated and rigorously tested safety methods. ”