The Israeli government plans to provide Intel with up to $185 million in subsidies in exchange for future Intel spending $5 billion in Israel to expand its manufacturing operations.

It is understood that Intel is one of Israel's largest employers and exporters, and has developed many new technologies in its Israeli branch. Earlier this year, Intel submitted plans to upgrade its manufacturing facility in Kiryat Gat, southern Israel. Currently, the Finance Committee of the Knesset has approved the $185 million grant. The report also pointed out that with Intel's $5 billion investment, Israel expects Intel to add 250 employees and bring about $600 million in economic benefits to the local area.

In fact, the relationship between Intel and Israel has been around for a long time. Forty-five years ago, Israeli physicist Dov Frohman, who worked at Intel in California, developed a revolutionary memory EPROM that retains data records after power down and can be erased by strong ultraviolet light. . This product has become Intel's next ten-year profit pillar, helping Intel to increase sales by seven times in two years. At the time, Dov Frohman came to Jerusalem with a team of five to create the Intel Israel Research Center, and Dov served as the first general manager of Intel Israel. Only five years later, the team developed the famous 8088 processor, which became the core component of IBM's personal computer, and brought huge profits to Intel again.

But what really made this Israeli team famous was when the century alternated. In the late 1990s, AMD gradually expanded its market share. At this time, the Israeli team launched the Tualatin Pentium III, a CPU with a new architecture. The Israeli team continued to improve the Pentium III based on Tualatin, and launched the Pentium M and Core Solo/Duo series, which later completely occupied the notebook market.

It can be said that many of Intel's outstanding products come from its Israeli R&D team. The innovative R&D capabilities of the Israeli team are one of the reasons why Intel is constantly deploying in Israel.