At the Infineon production center in Dresden, Germany, Infineon has established a new R&D center for the development of automotive electronics and artificial intelligence (AI) chips.

The R&D center will employ approximately 250 people. In this context, the R&D center is looking for experts in chip design, system architecture, AI systems and software development. Currently, the first team of experts will begin work in early 2019 and will develop new products in the field of sensor technology and power electronics.

According to Infineon, digital and networked drives growth in other markets, and artificial intelligence enables self-learning machines to have new interfaces for communication via speech recognition. This system requires increasingly complex semiconductor solutions, this is why Infineon's power management and diversification departments are involved in new R&D centers.

"Less CO2 and more safety in road traffic are, in addition to increasing networking and IT security, the major goals of the automotive industry, and at the same time growth drivers for our business, In Dresden, where Infineon manufactures these products, development, design and production come together,” said Peter Schiefer, head of Infineon's Automotive Division.