Recently, Vishay announced the launch of the new F339X2 305VAC series of automotive grade X2 EMI suppression film capacitors, which meets the requirements for jumper circuit applications (50 Hz / 60 Hz) and passes the AEC-Q200 (D version) and IEC 60384-14: 2013 / AMD1: 2016 Class IIB certification.

According to the new humidity class standard defined in IEC 60384-14: 2013 / AMD1: 2016 Class IIB, the F339X2 305VAC series capacitors was subjected to a 500-hour accelerated temperature and humidity test and a Temperature Humidity Bias Test at a temperature of 85°C, a relative humidity of 85%, and a rated voltage, the results show that the capacitance value and loss factor are extremely stable, which proves that this series of capacitors has extremely high reliability and long service life under severe application conditions.

The device is also used as an EMC filter for automotive and industrial power inverters. Capacitor pin pitches are 15 mm, 22.5 mm, and 27.5 mm; capacitance values are 0.1μF to 4.7μF with tolerances as low as ± 10%; DC voltages are allowed to range from 630V.

The capacitor is sampling now and is in mass production with a lead time of 17 weeks.