SEMI, the global semiconductor industry association, today announced the release of the industry's first power and compound semiconductor fabs report, Power and Compound Fab Outlook. The report provides comprehensive front-end semiconductor fabs information and predicts global power and compound semiconductor manufacturing capabilities in 2022.

The report pointed out that from 2017 to 2022, 16 power and compound semiconductor fabs will be built globally, and the overall capacity will grow by 23%, and the monthly volume will reach 1.2 million (calculated by 8-inch wafer size).

SEMI pointed out that various applications are increasingly stricter on energy efficiency standards, such as high-end consumer electronics, wireless communications, electric vehicles, new energy construction, data centers, as well as industrial Internet of Things and consumer Internet of Things applications. In this context, power components are becoming more and more important. To cope with this trend, semiconductor fabs around the world have improved energy efficiency in all aspects of electronic products, including power collection, transmission, conversion, storage and consumption, while cost architecture and efficiency determine the growth of the power electronics market and the speed of technology popularization.

This report focuses on compound materials and technologies used in various semiconductor fabs. The report focuses on: fab-related data for each season from 2011 to 2022. More than 890 projects are listed, including 530 compound-related and more than 430 power-related plant facilities. Provides capacity data by wafer size, product type, and region. Provide past, present and future projected construction and equipment investments (quarterly data). Provide past, present, and planned fab capacity (seasoned data for each season) and expansion forecasts.