As a global authorized distributor, Avnet these years facing a great competition, after ADI, Broadcom, Marvell and Cypress, this is the 5th manufacturers which removes AVNET from franchise list.

By the end of 2016, the franchise structure of Silicon Labs was EDOM 17%, AVNET Global 13%, Arrow Global 11% and others, after the recent change, a Taiwan based company WT replace AVNET, Silicon Labs annouces the newly authorized distributor list: ARROW, ULTRA SOURCE, HONESTAR, BURNON, EDOM, WT, SEKORM, XHL. As we can see, only ARROW are USA-based company, the others are all from mainland China and Taiwan.

As the biggest global Authorized distributor, Avnet leads the market for many decades, in recent years there is no one can replace its market position, what if the other players grow up? typically base on Chinese market, which has huge demands and rapid growth.