Bitcoin fever still happening in the world wide, it brings lots of opportunities to different business like bitcoin investment, mining machine distribution and computer parts distribution...etc, these opportunities might brings money to the people involved but full of grey, mess and unpredictability. A quite good example is the price hikes of the Antminer S9, which is the most famous mining machine, the official price of S9 is around $1,600, the market price are currently $4,242 but dropped a little bit couple days back. Basically speaking, the market price are sets by the secondary distributors who holds huge stock quantity and the three-stage distributor groups, they increase their profits according to bitcoin price hikes, the problem is when the price goes too high, it is getting hard to sell, the price been adjusted lower just for selling. It shows that the distributors also worry because Bitcoin still an unknown product even though it is been in the market for about 8 years.

The price of Bitcoin increased by nearly 20 times in 2017, will it keep going high to 1 million/coin or crash? Teunis Brosens from ING said it still a mystery, but according to the current market status, Bitcoin is quite good to invest, now.