Today, Infineon Technologies signed a agreement with Hisense, a well-known enterprise in China's home appliance industry. The two parties agreed that Infineon will provide high-performance products with leading technology, including semiconductor power devices such as IPM, IGBT single-tube, and driver chips, as well as the main controller chip iMotionTM and XMC series products. These devices are mainly used in household appliances such as energy-saving inverter air conditioners and inverter refrigerators. In addition to innovative products and a rich product line, Infineon will provide Hisense with complete solutions and close technical support.

In fact, Infineon and Hisense have a long-term friendly relationship. As early as 2017, Infineon participated in the Hisense Supplier Conference and was awarded the Excellent Supplier Award by Hisense. In 2018, the management of the two sides visited each other's headquarters and met on strategic long-term cooperation. In addition, Hisense and Infineon have established a joint laboratory, which has deep cooperation in the field of home appliances, and both parties have a common understanding and pursuit of more energy-efficient and smarter home appliances. The signing of the contract means that both parties will accelerate along the same track to provide consumers with more convenient, safer and more environmentally friendly home appliances and lifestyles.

Dr. Su Hua, President of Infineon Technologies China, said: "Hisense is one of the most powerful manufacturers in China's home appliance manufacturing industry and one of the most important partners of Infineon in the field of home appliances. The signing of the partnership will enhance the partnership and promote the product and business innovation. At the same time, it will also jointly consolidate the Chinese power of the global home appliance industry."