According to report, NXP has cut 50 jobs in Nijmegen and Eindhoven, including 20 in Nijmegen and 30 in Eindhoven.

It is reported that 20 people in the Nijmegen area were from the wireless charger development team set up by NXP in Nijmegen. According to NXP, the project has spent too much time and has lost the opportunity to grab the market, so stop the project. In Eindhoven, NXP's 30 employees came from the R&D department of the security identification chip. NXP said that the main reason is that the global growth of the business has ended, the bank card with chips has been widely launched, and the market is saturated.

More than 80% of the 50 people who are being cut will find a new job, and they will be assigned to other chip makers or other companies to work.