Molex announced the completion of its acquisition of Nistica, a leader in the development and manufacture of wavelength selective switches (WSS), particularly in the fast-growing high-port-count WSS segment.

Founded in 2005, Nistica is headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA, and is a highly flexible supplier of optical modules. Its products simplify the delivery of high-bandwidth applications for the global telecommunications market and make prices more affordable. The company specializes in WSS research, a signal routing engine for urban/long-haul telecommunications networks.

Nistica's comprehensive range of wavelength management solutions will enhance Molex's innovative solutions for next-generation architectures in urban and long-haul network cores. Nistica's business will be integrated into Molex's Optical Solutions Group, a global provider of optical solutions ranging from a wide range of optical connectivity, optoelectronics and optical transmission products.

Tim Ruff, senior vice president of business development at Molex, said: "The dramatic increase in broadband consumption is driving innovation in the telecommunications industry. The acquisition of Nistica has deepened the level of technical engagement for customers at the forefront of next-generation optical architecture development. And it complements our broad portfolio of solutions to provide Molex with a unique value proposition. This exciting technology is aligned with Molex's growth strategy."

"With the expansion of 5G wireless networks and the growth of data center traffic, our customers are looking for innovative optical solutions for the edge and core of optical networks. The acquisition of Molex Enable us to upgrade our capabilities and bring a comprehensive next-generation product portfolio to market," said Ashish Vengsarkar, CEO of Nistica.