Today, as automotive electronics become more and more popular, radar usage in automobiles is increasing. As one of the market leaders in automotive radar chips, NXP has introduced a new radar platform designed to help developers reduce time-to-market for radar-based driver assistance systems.

The RDK-S32R274 platform combines the S32R27 processor, TEF810x radar transceiver and FS8410 power management circuitry. Designed to simplify the entry of radar application development by simplifying radar hardware, software and tools to help customers reduce time-to-market. This solution is currently the only available automotive grade radar development platform. According to Roger Keen, director of product marketing at NXP, the solution is a complete tool ecosystem designed to reduce development costs and promote the adoption of global radar applications.

Kamal Khouri, vice president and general manager of NXP's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, said: "When we look at our radar strategy, we focus on driving the NCAP roadmap. A safe automotive solution that solves NCAP problems in different regions. With our radar system, our customers' products can achieve a five-star safety rating."

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