According to reports, Melexis Bulgaria has launched a training course. The course will last for six months, during which time Melexis will train graduates in technical education.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Melexis has opened the course, which is published on the company's website every March. The candidates are interviewed in May and the course starts in October. The selected students will get 6 months training and getting paid, as well as a one-week overseas training opportunity abroad.

The course was developed by the Melexis Bulgaria team and has now become a regular project for Melexis. Since 2014, a total of 40 people have stayed in the company since Bulgaria.

According to Melexis, the goal of the program is to bring newly graduated students into the business world, become part of the company's team and engage in practical projects. This year, seven people will join the development, testing and support departments.