According to reports, Rohm Semiconductor plans to outsource the packaging process of some semiconductor products such as home appliances to overseas companies for production by the end of 2021. ROHM has set up a new department to specialize in the selection of outsourcing factories. According to the news, ROHM is currently considering outsourcing the above package orders to Taiwan Semiconductor's back-end process foundry for production.

According to the report, Rohm Semiconductor's current production process is completed by itself. However, due to the rapid increase in demand for automotive and factory automation, Rohm Semiconductor has to outsource the packaging process of household semiconductors such as home appliances, thereby using capacity to meet the needs of automotive and factory automation.

According to the data, Rohm Semiconductor's annual revenue in 2017 was 377.1 billion yen, of which consumer semiconductors accounted for 56% of total revenue, and automotive and factory automation were 32% and 12% respectively (44% in total), but demand for automotive and factory automation is strong, so Rohm Semiconductor plans to increase the revenue of semiconductors for automotive and factory automation to 50% in 2019, which is one year ahead of schedule.