In the early morning of September 13, the wafer foundry VIS had a power outage at the wafer fab in Taoyuan, causing the production line to stop. Although the power supply has been restored on the morning of the 13th, VIS said that the production line will not be able to fully resume normal production until the fourth quarter.

VIS's three 8-inch fabs have a monthly capacity of between 195,000 and 205,000. Recently, with the change in product mix and the maintenance of wafer 2 and plant 3 in the first quarter of this year, the monthly production capacity has been reduced to 187,000 pieces. This power outage will inevitably affect the production capacity this quarter and thus affect the revenue target for this quarter. VIS originally estimated that this quarter's revenue will be 7.6 billion to 8 billion Taiwan dollars, which will grow 8-13% compared with the second quarter. Now, it seems unlikely that this estimate will be reached.

VIS said on the 13th that the company has started to check the work of the machine and resumed work in full. As of 7:00 pm on the 13th, the plant has 70% of its electricity to restore power. The impact on the VIS for this incident is still under evaluation.

VIS emphasizes that since integrated circuit manufacturing relies heavily on stable power supply, the power outage has a great impact on it, and the company has fully invested in the resumption of work, in order to resume full-line production as soon as possible.