Recently, Infineon announced the opening of a new Office 2 management block in Malaysia, with a new office of 11,800 square meters of administrative and office space, plus a development center and a leisure area. It can accommodate up to 700 employees, including engineers, managers and business services specialists. It is said that Infineon Technologies will establish a strategic manufacturing center in Malaysia.

In recent years, the growth of the market has made Infineon urgently need to expand its manufacturing capabilities. In order to support this growth, the Infineon Kulim plant will apply Industry 4.0 to its wafer fabrication process. This new office will provide ongoing quality assurance and productivity improvements.

Ng Kok Tiong, President and Managing Director of Infineon Kulim, said: "As we build a well-connected, highly digital and automated wafer fabrication facility, we want to make sure we also develop our employees and equip them with this high Technology, the technical capabilities required for a smart factory environment. In turn, this will create a pipeline of talent for Industry 4.0, not only in Infineon but also throughout Malaysia."

Jochen Hanebeck, chief operating officer and member of the management committee of Infineon Technologies AG, said: "Infineon is accelerating growth. Global challenges such as climate change and population development, urbanization and digital transformation have driven our business. Transforming to Industry 4.0 It is the key to managing the high complexity of semiconductor manufacturing more effectively. Kulim is an important location for our manufacturing operations, helping to provide the best service to our customers in a strong growing market environment."

Infineon has more than 11,000 employees in Malaysia. In Malacca, Infineon Malaysia is Infineon's largest back-end manufacturing facility with more than 9,200 employees. The Kulim plant is the company's first and only fab in Asia and is positioned as a competency center focused on megatrend technology for automotive and power management with nearly 2,600 employees.