Allegro MicroSystems and UMC announced the signing of a long-term agreement. Under the agreement, UMC will continue to be the main foundry manufacturer of Allegro.

The agreement includes technical cooperation between the two parties and enables UMC to provide mass production guarantees for Allegro's proprietary automotive-grade technology. In fact, the first agreement between the two companies was signed in 2012, and since then, Allegro has begun to transfer its technology to UMC.

Allegro has previously transferred the ABCD4 and ABCD6 processes to UMC, and according to the newly signed agreement, Allegro will continue to transfer its processes to the foundries. Currently, the two companies are developing Allegro's A10S and A10P 0.18μm BCD technologies and support custom and leading GMR/TMR silicon integration.

Thomas Teebagy, senior vice president of operations and quality at Allegro, said: "We hope that this partnership will help Allegro expand its business and product portfolio. UMC is very successful in meeting the needs of our customers in terms of technology, quality and volume production, and Have the ability and technology to support Allegro's sales growth and wafer shipment needs."

Bruce Lai, vice president of UMC's 8-inch wafer operations, said: "UMC has always been committed to developing strong professional and automotive technologies, which has made us a leading manufacturer of automotive ICs. All UMC fabs have adopted AEC-Q100. The certified process meets the stringent ISO TS-16949 automotive quality standards. We value the long-term cooperation with Allegro and produce automotive-grade ICs, and we are pleased to extend the cooperation between the two parties through this new agreement to support Allegro's future growth and help improve Allegro's market position."