Mouser Electronics has announced a new e-book called Service Robots, it is part of Mouser's Empowering Innovation TogetherTM program. Since 2015, Mouser's Empowering Innovation Together program has been one of the most compelling and recognized programs in the electronic components industry, ranging from space 3D printing objects to the amazing advantages of smart city technology.

The Service Robots eBook provides examples of the differences between service robots and collaborative robots, showing the familiar forms of robots we've seen and the emerging trends in service robots. Topics in e-books include the anatomy of service robots, companion robots on the International Space Station, and the challenge of creating appendages with human hand.

“In this new e-book, Mouser's engineering experts let readers understand the expectations of service robots, as well as articles that attract engineers and non-engineers. Previously in the Generation Robot series, Mouser and Grant studied the rise of collaborative robots: robotics and Humans work side by side. In this eBook, we see what happens when these robots become more autonomous." Kevin Hess, senior vice president of marketing at Mouser Electronics, said.

Mouser Electronics' Generation Robot series is supported by Mouser's key suppliers, Analog Devices, Intel, Microchip Technology and Molex. The series shows everything from robot theory to real-world robot use cases in five videos. These use cases seem to be science fiction, but they are actually a glimpse of how we will navigate in the same human and robotic world.