Recently, Brian Modoff, executive vice president of Qualcomm Strategy and Corporate M&A, said in the media open day event that the Internet of Things will become the second largest market opportunity for Qualcomm and is willing to accelerate the innovation and application of Internet of Things with Chinese partners.

Modoff revealed that in recent years, Qualcomm's business revenue in these areas has increased significantly, and its revenue in FY2017 has exceeded $3 billion. In particular, the Internet of Things will become the second largest market for Qualcomm, with a focus on wearables, voice and music products, cameras, robots and drones, home automation, entertainment and industrial Internet of Things.

“Qualcomm has found opportunities for market growth in many areas, including mobile Internet of Things, IoT security, mobile computing, in-vehicle information processing, in-vehicle infotainment, etc. We will further extend the technological advantages of the mobile field to the Internet of Things. In addition to connectivity, high performance, and low power consumption, networking devices also have a very important point of security. If the IoT device is not secure enough, there will be great hidden dangers, so this is also a problem that Qualcomm is very concerned about when designing products. " Modoff said.

Modoff is very optimistic about the market potential of the Internet of Things and the automotive industry, and believes that the Internet of Things will usher in the market before the automotive industry. In the field of Internet of Things, China is increasing investment, and Chinese manufacturers are also important partners of Qualcomm. Modoff hopes to work with Chinese manufacturers and eco-chain partners to accelerate innovation in the Internet of Things and develop IoT applications.