Today, the supply chain has disclosed that Murata will discontinue some MLCC products and adjust prices. According to sources from the supply chain, this letter from Murata states that it will use more capacity for small-size packages and cutting-edge high-reliability products, this led to the E.O.L. of some products and price adjustment.

The following is the contents of the revealed letter:
Murata wants to increase the MLCC price?-SemiMedia

In fact, Murata has already stopped production for some devices two years ago and put the focus on high-reliability products such as vehicles. This is one of the first reasons that are generally considered to cause MLCC shortage. Since the letter does not show the date, and Murata's official website has no relevant statement, the authenticity of the letter is still to be investigated, but if the news is true, the global MLCC supply situation will be even less optimistic.