July 9, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- TDK Corporation recently announced that it has developed materials for its next-generation solid-state battery, CeraCharge, which has an energy density of 1,000 Wh/L, about 100 times the energy density of TDK's conventional solid-state batteries.

TDK’s technology is aimed at a solution that can be utilized in various wearable devices, such as wireless earphones, hearing aids and even smartwatches, with the goal of replacing existing coin cell batteries.

Utilizing TDK’s proprietary material technology, TDK has managed to develop a material for the new solid-state battery with a significantly higher energy density than TDK’s conventional mass-produced solid-state batteries (Type: CeraCharge) due to the use of oxide-based solid electrolyte and lithium alloy anodes. The use of oxide-based solid electrolyte makes batteries extremely safe. It is intended for use in wearable and other devices that come in direct contact with the human body.

The battery can be applied for replacing coin cell primary batteries in compliance with EU battery regulations, which require them to be replaced by rechargeable batteries, which is expected to contribute to the reduction of environmental impact.

Further information on existing CeraCharge products can be found under https://www.tdk.com/en/featured_stories/entry_024.html.