May 27, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- SK Group Chairman Chey Tae Won said in a recent interview that the company is studying the possibility of building high-bandwidth memory (HBM) factories in other countries such as Japan and the United States.

SK Hynix developed the world's first HBM chip in 2013 and currently maintains a leading position in this field. Currently, SK Hynix is increasing HBM production to meet the surge in demand for high-performance chips for artificial intelligence (AI).

Chey Tae Won said that given the additional investment required to produce HBM outside South Korea, the company is investigating the possibility of producing the product in other countries such as Japan and the United States.

Chey Tae Won said that as the world's second-largest memory chip manufacturer, its goal is to strengthen ties with Japanese chip manufacturing equipment manufacturers and chip material suppliers to produce the most advanced chips. To this end, the company will consider increasing investment in Japan and opening a new R&D base in Japan.

SK Hynix is also considering investing in its affiliates in neighboring countries, which could include Japanese memory maker Kioxia.

When selecting sites for new chip production bases, Chey Tae Won emphasized clean energy procurement as the most important factor in meeting customers' needs for decarbonization of the entire supply chain.

Chey Tae Won added that while tensions between China and the United States have increased geopolitical risks, SK Hynix has a semiconductor factory in China and plans to maintain its business in China for the foreseeable future.