May 15, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to Korea Economic Daily, in order to meet the needs of the artificial intelligence field, Samsung and SK Hynix have converted more than 20% of their DRAM production lines into HBM production lines.

At a recent investor relations conference hosted by Samsung Securities, the two companies said that DRAM production will be reduced based on demand.

In early May, SK Hynix President and CEO Kwak Noh-jung said that the company's HBM production capacity this year has been completely sold out, and the products to be produced next year have also been basically sold out.

Samsung Electronics Co. said its HBM production has also been sold out. Taking into account the supply and demand situation, HBM will not be oversupplied in 2025.

Samsung Electronics also pointed out that the company has narrowed the gap with SK Hynix in 8-layer HBM3E chips, while taking a leading position in the 12-layer HBM3E market. Samsung plans to start production of 12-layer HBM3E chips as early as the second quarter of 2024.

The report pointed out that despite facing the challenges of fierce market competition and price fluctuations, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are still optimistic about the prospects of the memory chip market and are responding to growing market demand by adjusting production lines and signing long-term supply contracts.