May 3, 2024 /SemiMedia/ --  According to Bloomberg analysts, Intel and Nvidia's chip upgrades are expected to drive sales of TSMC's 3nm chip process starting in the second half of the year. Shipments are expected to triple in 2024 and double again in 2025.

Analysts pointed out that TSMC’s N3 process is the most advanced node currently in production. Although the sales of 3nm process in the first quarter dropped by 32% quarter-on-quarter, accounting for 9% of total sales, it is expected to recover strongly from the third quarter, thereby achieving the 3nm process revenue growth target in 2024.

Analysts predict that the price of the 3nm process will be significantly higher than that of the 4nm process, which will make a significant contribution to TSMC's foundry revenue, increasing TSMC's wafer foundry revenue by 26% in 2025, thus driving TSMC's 2025 revenue growth Annual revenue increased by 26.6%.