April 11, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to industry insiders, Micron plans to increase the prices of its DRAM and SSD products by more than 25% in the second quarter of 2024.

Sources pointed out that after the earthquake in Taiwan region on April 3, Micron, SK Hynix, and Samsung successively suspended quotations for memory chips. Although Samsung is not affected, it has also suspended shipments.

Sources said that although Micron, SK Hynix and Samsung have not announced further news, the industry believes that the price of memory products will rise significantly after the earthquake.

60% to 65% of Micron's DRAM production capacity is in Taiwan, accounting for 15% of the world's total production capacity. In addition, Micron's HBM3E and other advanced DRAM products are produced in its Taichung factory.

The insider believes that Micron’s price increases for DDR4, DDR5, and SSD products may continue until the end of the second quarter, mainly due to optimistic demand for data centers.

According to current trends, the development of artificial intelligence has accelerated the transition of server hard drives from HDD to SSD, which in turn has increased the demand for memory chips.