March 4, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- Intel announced the official launch of Altera, its new standalone FPGA company. Chief Executive Officer Sandra Rivera and Chief Operating Officer Shannon Poulin unveiled their strategy to secure leadership across a $55 billion-plus market opportunity; to expand the company's portfolio, including the only FPGA with AI built into the fabric; and to help solve mounting customer challenges. They also announced Altera as the new company's brand.

“As customers deal with increasingly complex technological challenges and work to differentiate themselves from their competitors and accelerate time to value, we have an opportunity to reinvigorate the FPGA market. We’re leading with a bold, agile and customer-obsessed approach to deliver programmable solutions and accessible AI across a broad range of applications in the  comms, cloud, data center, embedded, industrial, automotive and mil-aero market segments,” said Sandra Rivera, chief executive officer of Altera.

Altera was founded in 1983, established a long-term design partnership with Intel in 1984, and became a public company through an initial public offering (IPO) in 1988. And in 1994, Altera acquired Intel's PLD business for US$50 million.

In June 2015, Intel announced its acquisition of Altera for US$16.7 billion. After the acquisition, Altera was integrated into a new business unit of Intel, the "Programmable Solutions Group" (PSG). Nine years after acquiring Altera, Intel publicly announced on October 4, 2023 that it would spin off its Programmable Solutions Group (PSG).

After Intel acquired Altera, some customers turned to purchase products from other FPGA manufacturers out of concern about changes, including Xilinx, Lattice and other emerging manufacturers, which opened up a lot of opportunities.

After the Altera brand returns, it will seek to regain lost customers. On the other hand, it will also launch more diversified products and even enter the low-end market to grab more market share.