January 22, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- Renesas Electronics Corporation recently launched a new 64-bit general-purpose microprocessor (MPU) for IoT edge and gateway devices that consumes significantly less power.

As the latest addition to Renesas’ RZ/G Series MPU, the RZ/G3S is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern IoT devices, offering power consumption as low as 10µW (microwatts) in standby mode and fast startup for the Linux operating system. The new MPU comes with a PCI Express interface that enables high-speed connectivity with 5G wireless modules. Additionally, the device boasts enhanced security features such as tamper detection to ensure data security. These features make the device ideal for IoT applications such as home gateways, smart meters, and tracking devices.

“Renesas’ RZ/G has seen a steady increase in adoption in the global industrial human machine interface market,” said Daryl Khoo, Vice President of Embedded Processing 1st Division at Renesas. “The RZ/G3S represents the next generation products that will extend our reach to the rapidly growing 5G IoT and Gigabit Wi-Fi 7 gateway markets. Renesas has been aggressively expanding our connectivity portfolio in these markets through strategic acquisitions to offer advanced connectivity solutions that are power efficient at the system level and enhance data utilization."

The RZ/G3S employs an Arm® Cortex®-A55 core as the main CPU with a maximum operating frequency of 1.1 GHz and two Cortex®-M33 cores as sub-CPUs operating at 250 MHz. Users can distribute the MPU’s workloads to sub-CPUs, allowing the device to efficiently handle tasks such as receiving data from sensors, controlling system functions and managing power systems. This reduces the workload on the main CPU, resulting in fewer components, lower costs and a smaller system size.

For more information, please visit https://www.renesas.com/rzg3s.