January 10, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- Toshiba announced on January 9 that its factory in Ishikawa, Japan, which had been shut down due to the earthquake, had resumed partial production.

Toshiba said that the production line of Kaga Toshiba Electronics Co. Ltd., a power semiconductor factory located in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, has undergone thorough equipment inspections and aims to restart some production lines before January 10, but the timetable for full resumption of operations has not yet been determined. The exhaust pipe of the clean room was extensively damaged. However, the damage to the building was not severe enough to impact production.

According to public information, Kaga Toshiba Electronics specializes in the production of power semiconductors for electric vehicles (EVs) and railways. Toshiba President Taro Shimada said that it is still difficult to determine the losses caused by the suspension of production and the impact on shipment plans.