September 20, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, as NAND wafer prices have increased since the third quarter due to production cuts, DRAM prices are also expected to rebound in the next quarter. However, as end market demand has not yet seen a significant recovery, the increase may not be too significant.

Sources said NAND wafer prices have gradually rebounded from the lows at the beginning of the third quarter, with increases of more than 10% so far. He said that the increase in NAND prices is also expected to create a favorable market environment for DRAM price increases. Memory module makers are paying close attention to the timing of a rebound in DRAM prices.

Sources pointed out that DDR5 memory module prices will rise further after rising by 5-10% in the past month, and the price of entry-level products will also rise by 3-5%. In addition, high-priced DDR5 products will face supply shortages and may lead the rally.