July 18, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- TDK Corporation recently introduced two new piezoelectric actuators made of RoHS-compliant lead zirconate titanate (PZT) with internal copper electrodes. COM30S5 (B58004M4030A020) and COM45S5 (B58004M4040A020) are available as unhoused, passivated components. They are characterized by an extraordinary dynamic range, a high force-to-volume ratio, and precision in the nanometer range. TDK achieves this through its patented copper-based High Active Stack (HAS) technology. Compared to other technologies, HAS piezo actuators from TDK offer superior performance, robustness to moisture, and a longer lifetime.

TDK releases two new piezo actuators-SemiMedia

The voltage range goes from -10 to +180 V, their nominal stroke is reached at +160 V, and their allowed surface temperature ranges from -40 to +160 °C. With 30 mm and 45 mm heights, and with a cross-section of 5.2 mm x 5.2 mm, these actuators reach strokes of 55 and 83 µm correspondingly, at 160 V and 730 N of preload.

In addition, TDK plans to release three more actuators in 2023 to cover a wider application range. Today, these are available only as prototypes in limited quantities, and are not intended for series production: COM10S5 (Z63000Z2910Z001Z78) with 10 mm height and 16 µm of stroke, COM27S3 (Z63000Z2910Z001Z77, leaded) with 27 mm height and 47 µm of stroke, and the COM30S7 (Z63000Z2910Z001Z70) with 30 mm of height and 7 mm x 7 mm of cross-section delivering 55 µm of stroke and 2600 N of blocking force.

For more information, please visit www.tdk-electronics.tdk.com/en/542398/products/product-catalog/switching-heating-piezo-components-buzzers-microphones/multilayer-piezo-actuators.