July 10, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- STMicroelectronics recently introduced the first galvanically isolated gate driver for gallium nitride (GaN) transistors, the STGAP2GS, which reduces size and bill-of-materials in applications requiring excellent wide-bandgap efficiency combined with robust safety and electrical protection .

The single-channel driver can be connected to a high-voltage rail up to 1200V, or 1700V with the STGAP2GSN narrow-body version, and provides gate-driving voltage up to 15V. Capable of sinking and sourcing up to 3A gate current to the connected GaN transistor, the driver ensures tightly controlled switching transitions up to high operating frequencies.

With minimal propagation delay across the isolation barrier, at just 45ns, the STGAP2GS ensures fast dynamic response. In addition, dV/dt transient immunity of ±100V/ns over the full temperature range guards against unwanted transistor gate change. The STGAP2GS is available with separate sink and source pins for easy tuning of the gate-driving operation and performance.

Saving the need for discrete components to provide optical isolation, the STGAP2GS driver eases the adoption of efficient and robust GaN technology in various consumer and industrial applications. These include power supplies in computer servers, factory-automation equipment, motor drivers, solar and wind power systems, home appliances, domestic fans, and wireless chargers.

In addition to integrating galvanic isolation, the driver also features built-in system protection including thermal shutdown and under-voltage lockout (UVLO) optimized for GaN technology, to ensure reliability and ruggedness.

The STGAP2GS in SO-8 widebody package, and the STGAP2GSN SO-8 narrow version, are available now, priced from $1.42 for orders of 1000 pieces. For more information, please visit www.st.com/stgap2gs