Jun 27, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Cirrus Logic recently launched a new line of professional audio products that provide manufacturers with transparent audio converters that allow designers to customize their products. The newly rearchitected Cirrus Logic Pro Audio Family of converters initially includes high-performance, low-power analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), followed later this year by digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and an audio codec. Using a process optimized for analog performance and digital density, Cirrus Logic’s pro audio devices offer world-class performance and industry-leading low power consumption along with system-level enhancements, such as hybrid gain control, to solve common industry audio problems.

“The Cirrus Logic team has a passion for audio and our newly architected Pro Audio Family offers the truest reproduction of audio sound, from instrument to ear. That is what we mean by true transparency,” said Eddie Sinnott, director of Codecs and Standard Products, Cirrus Logic. “Cirrus Logic’s new high-performance Pro Audio Family will make it easier for customers to design great sounding personalized products that differentiate them in their markets, while being assured they are backed by our top-level engineering and customer support.”

Cirrus Logic CS5302/04/08P Analog-to-Digital Converters

The first products to be introduced are a series of three ADCs aimed at providing transparent audio conversion within a device that is simple to use and integrate. The Cirrus Logic CS5302P stereo ADC, CS5304P 4-channel ADC and CS5308P 8-channel ADC are designed to be used in digital mixers, USB audio interfaces, home audio and audio video receivers, musical instruments such as synthesizers, DJ mixers and amplifiers, video recording and automotive applications. A simple control scheme together with a single power rail and flexible clocking configuration make these devices easy to integrate for all markets.

“We are looking forward to the new series of pro audio devices from Cirrus Logic,” said Robin Clark, managing director of Allen & Heath, a leading designer and manufacturer of digital mixing systems for live sound, installation, DJ, and broadcast and recording. “The performance looks excellent, as always, and the company continues to provide ways for designers to differentiate. In past generations, we appreciated Cirrus Logic’s low latency, which is so important to live stage mixing. Now, we see the low power consumption and new hybrid gain control as key features we can use to enhance our own products in the future.”

Hybrid Gain Control Solves Front-End Gain Complexities

Cirrus Logic’s hybrid gain control redefines microphone front-end gain design to reduce pop noise and simplify the customer’s system design, when compared to existing solutions. By co-locating the analog and digital gain states within one device, gain transactions between the two are matched. This feature allows customers to retain their existing mic preamp design as a product differentiator while reducing the overall system complexity. The hybrid gain control is suited to all customers implementing mic-pre gain control, such as digital mixing consoles and USB audio interfaces for digital audio workstations, as well as other applications.

High Performance in Low Power Budget

Whether in the studio or at home, the rearchitected Pro Audio Family delivers excellent performance all within a 25mW/ch power budget. The devices being introduced today are 32-bit resolution ADCs that support differential analog input with sample rates up to 768 kHz. The ADCs use a 5th-order, multibit sigma-delta modulator followed by digital filtering and decimation to provide a dynamic range of 126dB for the CS5302P and 123dB for the CS5304/8P. THD+N for all products is below -110 dB.

Samples of the CS5302/04/08P ADCs are available to order now. Samples of the DACs and codec will be available to order in December 2023.