Jun 26, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- AMD recently said it would invest up to $135 million over four years in Xilinx's Irish operations to expand Xilinx's R&D and engineering operations in Dublin and Cork, Ireland.

AMD said the $135 million in funding will be used to fund a series of strategic R&D initiatives at Xilinx's Irish operations, including the hiring of 290 highly skilled R&D and engineering staff as well as various support staff.

AMD mentioned next-generation artificial intelligence, data centers, networking, and 6G communications infrastructure, which basically means most of the markets served by Xilinx's adaptive computing solutions such as FPGAs. At the same time, AMD mentioned that many Xilinx products, such as AMD Zynq UltraScale RFSoC products, are developed in Europe.

"By further investing in and expanding our presence in Dublin and Cork, we are committed to continuing to drive innovation in Ireland and support the European semiconductor ecosystem," said Ruth Cotter, senior vice president of marketing, communications and human resources at AMD.