Apr. 19, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Dell CEO Michael Dell said in an interview recently that in view of concerns about supply chain disruptions, customers have asked Dell to diversify the supply chain of components, and the company is focusing on sourcing components from outside China.

Dell said many customers have asked the company to decentralize its supply chain as relations between China and the U.S. deteriorate and the outbreak has exposed semiconductor supply chains that are highly vulnerable to disruption.

"We want to ensure the continued availability of our products, so having a more resilient supply chain is important given the nature of the world we live in today," Dell said.

As of now, many of Dell's components, including printed circuit boards and housings, are made in China, and a significant portion of its computer products are assembled there.

Dell said it was now possible to source components outside of China, as investments were being made in Europe and the United States to manufacture chips and other key components.