Apr. 5, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- TDK Corporation has recently launched the B84143C*S250/S251 series of new EPCOS 3-line EMC filters for high current converter applications. Depending on type, they are designed for rated voltages of 305/530 V AC and 440/760 V AC (50/60 Hz) at rated currents of 160 A to 2500 A. One particular performance characteristic is their very high attenuation figures which are achieved in the range of 9 kHz to 150 kHz. In order to meet the requirements of UL in switch cabinet construction, the complete filter series has been designed for an SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rated) value of 100 kA.

Despite the high performance the housings with degree of protection IP 00 are very compact in size. The smallest model for example measures 350 x 240 x 120 mm (L x W x H) and the biggest 710 x 365 x 257 mm. The earth leakage currents of all types are 46 mA according to IEC 60939-1:2010. Approvals under IEC 60939-3, UL 60939-3 and CSA C22.2 No.8 have been issued.

Typical applications for input filters include frequency converters for motor drives, wind turbines and power supplies.

For more information about the products, please visit www.tdk-electronics.tdk.com/en/emc_filters