Recently, Samsung Electronics has hired several top experts in the AI ​​field and started to set up AI research centers in major cities around the world. According to outside speculation, AI will be the next core growth driver for Samsung Group after its semiconductor business.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. said on the 4th that it has hired two world-class experts in the AI ​​field, Professor H. Sebastian Seung (52) from the University of Princeton, and Daniel D. Lee (49) from the University of Pennsylvania, as advisors on AI strategy development and prior research. The next generation of machine learning algorithms will be studied.

Samsung has had successful successes in semiconductors, televisions, and smartphones. Observations indicate that Samsung intends to inherit its previous successful experience in the AI ​​industry.

A related person of Samsung Electronics stated that AI itself is a new business that must be cultivated, and at the same time, it will also serve as a growth engine for other businesses.