Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH and TDK Europe GmbH signed a new distribution agreement, which will allow Rutronik to supply TDK's Epcos brand products in addition to the TDK-Micronas and TDK-Lambda brands.

Rutronik signs a new franchise agreement with TDK for Epcos product line-SemiMedia

TDK's Epcos brand offers aluminum electrolytic capacitors and aluminum foil capacitors, transformers, varistors, thermistors, piezoelectric elements and tactile feedback actuators. To date, Rutronik's product portfolio includes TDK inductors, MLCC and TMR sensors, as well as TDK-Micronas brand Hall sensors and TDK-Lambda power supplies. The main target markets are industrial, automotive and internet of things.

In an interview, Gerd Fischer, senior manager of Rutronik stated: “By expanding our coverage of TDK products, we can now more fully support our customers in implementing their projects.”

“We are very pleased to expand our good relationship with TDK Europe and enter new markets and acquire new customers with our added products.” TDK Europe is also very optimistic about the expanded partnership. "Rutronik is a very mature distributor in Europe, with its infrastructure, logistics and high-quality team, from the design stage through to implementation, providing customers with expertise and suitable components. For TDK Europe, expanding with Rutronik’s partnership is a logical step,” said Dietmar Jäger, vice president of TDK.