According to reports, former chief executive of Qualcomm, Paul Jacobs, is starting a company that focuses on 5G wireless communications technology.

The start-up company's name is XCOM and will work to solve the problems facing 5G to achieve low latency and high reliability. Qualcomm's former president Derek Aberle and former chief technology officer Matthew Grob also joined this new company. It is said that Aberle will serve as the company's chief operating officer, Grob will serve as chief technology officer, and Jacobs will serve as chief executive officer. According to an XCOM spokesperson, the company has not yet decided how many people to hire, and the management has not established the company's business model.

At the same time, according to CNBC, Jacobs is still planning to privatize Qualcomm. He is working with Aberle to raise billions of dollars for the acquisition of Qualcomm.

Aberle said: "The company may sell 5G technology patent licenses or provide software support to companies that purchase its semiconductor products. To prove the availability of 5G technology in IoT applications, there is still a lot of work to be done. I think our company is There are many good ideas in this regard. Once the plan to acquire Qualcomm is successful, XCOM's technology will be used in the chips produced by Qualcomm, and the startup company may also be incorporated into Qualcomm.